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There’s CrossFit the training program – what we do everyday in class – and there is the CrossFit Games, the Sport of Fitness – an annual, global competition that tests your fitness. The first stage of the CrossFit Games season is called the Open. It’s arguably the most inclusive sporting event in the world, with anyone who is at least 14 years old able to participate, regardless of location, experience or level of fitness. Even physically disabled people participate!

The Open is an important time of year for the CFJ facilities. You get to test your fitness. We get to test the effectiveness of our programs. Participants reach new heights. And it brings our community together.

It has however become increasingly difficult for the coaches and I to manage, so this year, the CFJ Ambassadors have been handed the reigns. Who better to manage a community event than the community themselves?! This will also free up my time to drive the coverage of the Open at our facilities, and ensure that I don’t fall short on intentions for the Open like I have previously.

If you haven’t already had one of the ambassadors trying to rope you in, then you will be soon 🙂

Below is all the information on how they will be running the Open this year. Sign up, and join us #InTheOpen!


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The Open at CFJ will be divided into four stages: The Draft (already complete), Pre-Open (present), The Open, Post-Open.

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Each of the Ambassadors will be Captains of one of four teams. They have chosen names and have created closed Facebook groups for their team.

Note: these aren’t official Affiliate teams, they are teams for the Intra-Open at CFJ facilities.

More “experienced” athletes have been divided between the four teams with a Draft. Everyone else who has already registered for the Open on the Games site was placed into one of the four teams by a draw.



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With the draft complete, the rest of the gym membership is now open for recruitment. Captains can bribe, coerce or otherwise attempt to sign up any member for their team. Members sign up on the Games site [] to indicate their intention to participate.

Captains report the recruitment of each athlete to in our Facebook group so two teams don’t lay claim to the same person.

NB: The goal of the Intra-Open is to provide fun, collaborative competition amongst each other. If people want to be a part of it but don’t want to register on the Games site, they may do so but because the Games site handles the scoring on the leader board, their weekly placings won’t count. That is fine because PARTICIPATION is the name of the game.

Because scoring favours the largest team, we have a recruitment limit to keep things even. Any team can recruit up to 25 members–but must then wait for other teams to recruit 25 members before recruiting more. It’s up to the Captains to get the recruitment ball rolling, and then to the teams grow it!

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The Open events will be run on Friday afternoons and evenings for the five weeks. The weekly Friday Night Lights events enable us to achieve the goal of fun, collaborative competition. It also ensures that we don’t interfere with the  regular class schedule too much, especially with Saturdays being such a busy morning.

There will be the regular class schedule on Friday mornings. While the WoD will be that week’s Open event, these will NOT be an opportunity for those participating in the Open to get scored. They will be regular classes.

If you are genuinely unable to make it on a Friday PM, we will have a back up time on Sundays.

Get your friends and family to come and support you, have fun with your team names, and get involved with some friendly banter!

The Intramural Open is built to increase participation and fun. Scoring reflects those goals:

  • Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout.
  • Teams are given 3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 women or top 3 men in the gym per workout.
  • Teams are given 5 points if they win the “Spirit of the Open” award on any given week

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The two facilities will join to complete the final event, 17.5, at one of the facilities so we end with a bang!

We’ll then have a braai scheduled for the first social gathering of the year, during which the winning Intra-Open team will be announced at an awards ceremony.

Prizes will also be awarded in recognition of participation and support and community spirit.

You can also expect the annual Autumn Throwdown to follow soon after the Open 😉

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So what should you do next?

Head on over to, create a profile if you haven’t already got one, and get signed up. (Remember, if you want to participate without signing up, you can. Just speak to your team captain)

Ensure that you get added to your team’s Facebook group, and keep an eye on all CFJ media outlets for ongoing information.

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A very big thanks to Chris Cooper and the Two Brain team for the help and motivation in structuring the Intra-Open!