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    Building Foundations

    - by Sean Thompson

    I often use the analogy of a poorly set foundation and the effects it has on the built levels above it when the foundation is flawed. When I look at the year ahead with regard to training, I like to imagine we the coaches as your contractors, the programming as your materials and method of building and the house as your GPP (General Physical Preparedness).


    At CrossFit Jozi our goal is to have your GPP as high as possible, ensuring that no matter what life throws at you physically or mentally you can handle it. The methodology we use to do this is CrossFit, an integral part of CrossFit are the “10 General Physical Skills” (the words written at the top of the box walls) you can follow this link to view them Which according to CrossFit, to be considered an athlete, you must be competent in all 10 skills. In order to help you become competent in all 10 skills, we have to cause adaptions to the body with regard to a physical skill which leads to adaption and brings about improvement/change. We, therefore, train in blocks to ensure we can focus on all 10 General Physical Skills and not just our favourites (my metcon junkies). So although a certain block might not seem as exciting or fun as one previously programmed or coming up, it is for a reason and apart of a larger goal, so stay calm and trust us! We have your best interests in mind.


    The current block which started last week Monday will be focusing on our STRENGTH and AEROBIC capacity. A very important block as this will lay the foundation for the year ahead, so slack off in this current block and you will feel the effects throughout the year. In the current block, we can expect the following.

    • Single limb strength work – this will assist in ironing out any imbalances we have.
    • Strict Gymnastics – As we have seen from the Open this is a big focus of HQ at the moment, and you know what they say, go with the flow.
    • Gymnastic Progressions – We are going to focus on improving our overall gymnastic ability.
    • Loaded Carry work and Functional Bodybuilding – Two of the best methodologies for building a strong and healthy base.
    • Long grinding metcons – WE WILL NOT STOP DOING METCONS, we never have. The metcon will just not always be the main focus of the session.


    The block will run for 12 weeks and will be broken into a reset week, baseline test week, 9 weeks of training focus, re-test week. We are starting with the baseline test this week so be sure to come in and get testing. Remember that although a test week, your safety is still our main priority, never shoot for a PB if it means sacrificing goods positions or putting yourself in an unsafe zone.


    I hope the above shines some light on the upcoming training block and provides a brief insight into our “Why”. Remember we will never steer you wrong, your health and fitness remain our concern and we will always get you there through “Constantly Varied, High-Intensity Functional Movements”

    Time to get started on our Strength and Aerobic foundations, see you in the box.


  • Knowledge Blog


    - by Admin

    I don’t like endings. I am not too crazy about new starts either to be honest! I am at my happiest in the comfort zone of the known cushy middle part, where routine is the norm and every day’s tasks are laid out before you like a familiar friend.

    But in life, all good things do come to an end, and the time has come for myself and Cobus to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

    There are some special mentions I need to make of people that made each and every day just that much more awesome – from the dynamic coaching and dedicated admin teams, to the Concept Cardio class mates, the 15:00 Aesthetics Club, Girl Friday’s, Caileigh, Ruz and Kathy, Tash, Wessel and Marlize, Lisa and Craig, Andre and Jenna, Tia, The Lewis family, Tayla, Sean and Dani, The Cooke family, Bruno and Gazza, The Coetzee family, Mamoketse, The 18:30 crew, The CFJ / RFC and REF Families, The 2013 Regional Team, and every team mate that I have competed with, and of course not forgetting Imtiaz – who started us on this epic journey!

    I cannot mention every single member’s name or every single special memory, but please know that as cliched as it sounds – each and every one of you has made an enormous impact on my life, both physically, emotionally and spiritually and there will most certainly be a CFJ shaped hole in my heart.

    I can remember most of our member’s first class, or first time you stepped into the facility. I have memories of almost every one of you – and those memories I will cherish for a very long time to come.

    I leave you in the capable hands of the coaching team, who will continue to dedicate their time and efforts in making you better athletes and better at life! In the admin office, I leave you in the dedicated hands of Sean as Facility Manager and Tayla as Client Service Manager. They will be on hand to assist you in any and every aspect with regards to your memberships and whatever else you may need. Their dedication is unrivaled and I have full confidence that they will continue to take CFJ and Rebel Fitness Central onwards and upwards!

    Thank you to each and every one of you for making this past 7 years into an indescribably humbling, fulfilling and life changing journey!

    In closing, as always – Lekker Nag ne! 🙂


    ” Just because everything is changing, it doesnt mean it has never been this way before. All you can do is know who your friends are as you head off to your war”

  • WOD Blog | Workout of the day

    FRIDAY 26-10-2018

    - by Admin



    5-8 sets of:
    Pike or tuck to inverted hang
    Skin the cat
    Ring pull-up OR toes to rings OR ring
    knee tuck


    Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

    5 pull-ups
    10 push-ups
    15 squats


    Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

    5 handstand push-ups
    10 alt. pistols
    15 pull-ups


  • WOD Blog | Workout of the day

    SATURDAY 20-10-2018

    - by Admin



    5 singles OTM at each load:

    B. CLEAN

    3 singles OTM at each load:

    C. JERK

    3×3, 80%



    Buddy Workout – Split work between two

    Row 2km
    Medball Cleans (7.5/10kg) x 100
    Medball Sit ups x 100
    Medball DL x 200
    Medball Run x 800m
    ( 1 Medball btwn buddies)

  • WOD Blog | Workout of the day

    THURSDAY 18-10-2018

    - by Admin


    A. WARM-UP

    8 sets of:
    4 x 10m shuttle sprints, fast
    200m jog, easy pace


    5 x 750m row w/ 1 min rest

    The aim is to work at 70-80% effort all the way through. First set at 70% and then gradually increase pace so that each effort is faster.



    4 rounds of:
    3 sumo deadlift, build to your heaviest 3 for the day
    Rest 30 sec
    15 unbroken HSPU
    Rest 30 sec
    12 DB bent over rows, 2 x DBs (all heavy)

    Rest 60 sec before starting the next round


    3 rounds of:
    10 sandbag/D-ball/Stone ground to shoulder cleans, 65/45kg
    50m front carry with the same object
    200m run

    Rest 1 min between rounds