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  • WOD Blog | Workout of the day

    SATURDAY 18-11-2017

    - by Admin



    1 rep OTM x 5 / load


    1 rep OTM x 5 / load



    LEVEL 1


    100 thrusters for time (17.5 / 15)
    * Each min starts with 5 burpees before Thrusters can commence
    * Run clock up EMOM 30 min
    * You have to do the 5 burpees even in a round you “rest”

    30 min time cap

    LEVEL 2


    100 thrusters for time (20/16)
    * Each min starts with 5 burpees before Thrusters can commence
    * Run clock up EMOM 30 min
    * You have to do the 5 burpees even in a round you “rest”

    30 min time cap

  • Knowledge Blog


    - by Imtiaz

    A threshold is a limit, a point that must be exceeded in order for favourable adaptations to occur. One of the thresholds to consider in fitness is the technique/intensity threshold. When you go beyond that threshold in training, technique diminishes at the expense of power output (intensity). Technique is essential to maximising power and therefore fitness, but good technique without optimal speed will in fact stunt fitness.

    It’s like motor sports.The best drivers are the ones who find that balance between speed and accuracy. But they only find that balance by tempting speed and by learning to take the vehicle all the way to almost losing control before reigning it in.

    That’s what you need to do in training. Just like we stress your cardiorespiratory system for endurance adaptations and your muscular system for strength gains, your “control” must be stressed for it to improve. Fortunately, in training, the consequences aren’t as severe as in motor sports!

    Most of this practice refers to metabolic conditioning and not strength work, because in strength work time is generally not an essential factor. So to train your conditioning workouts, develop your control just as the race care driver.

    Start off by ensuring you’ve scaled the loads, movements and volume appropriately. The programmed workouts you see on the board are a guideline. When the workout starts, work quickly to a pace you feel you’re able to maintain for the duration of that workout. Once you’ve settled in, up your speed – lower the time cycle of your reps.

    Here is where your gray matter – your conscious brain – comes in. You have to be able to feel the difference between good and bad technique. If you haven’t felt your technique going with increased speed, you’ll soon find out. You’ll miss lifts and reps, lose control of your swing on the pull-up bar or rings, land up in the box instead of on top of it. It’s the tail of the race car going too wide for the driver to bring it back, leaving the car in a spin.

    You’ve got to slow down before that happens. Regain traction to bring that tail back in, and then ease back on the gas again. This time, holding your speed just under the previous attempt.

    As you develop this control your power output begins to increase, and that’s where the results lie.

    Will it result in some less than optimal technique? Absolutely, but that’s how you find your control. Will that place you at risk of injury? Unless you keep moving at a speed that is uncontrollable, it shouldn’t. That control is a tricky thing to develop. It’s partly what we as coaches are there for. But it’s important for you to develop it on your own too.

    Finding that threshold is also finding the point of most discomfort. Find it, and hang out there for as long as you can!

  • Knowledge Blog


    - by Imtiaz

    Nutrition and training are only pieces of the health and fitness puzzle. If your eating and training are consistently good, but you still don’t look and feel the way you’d like to, one of the other pieces may need fixing. Most often, it’s the result of poor sleep.

    Your body composition, mental acuity, digestion, skin health, mood states and physical performance are some of the components heavily dependent on sufficient sleep. Seven hours of peaceful sleep every night is the minimum needed to keep health and fitness problems at bay. If you’re getting less than that but feel like you’re getting enough sleep, you’re kidding yourself.

    These are some signs that your sleep habits may need tweaking:

    You’re Struggling with your Body Composition

    Poor sleep can:

    • Increase excess body fat
    • Disrupt your feelings of hunger and satiety
    • Increase caloric intake, especially from comfort foods
    • Excess body can in turn reduce sleep quality making this a negative feedback loop

    Your Mental Performance is Shaky

    Sleep is especially important for the recovery and development of the central nervous system. Insufficient sleep can cause:

    • Forgetfulness
    • Low mood states
    • Attention deficit
    • Impaired judgement
    • Reduced alertness
    • Mental acuity during exercise

    You’re Prone to Sickness

    Sleep is also responsible for keeping your immune system in check. Insufficient sleep results in:

    • Increased inflammation
    • Vulnerability to viruses and bacteria
    • Greater stress to the cardiovascular system
    • Inability to recover from colds and flu

    Does any of this sound like you, but your eating and training is fairly on point? If so, your sleep habits may need tweaking. You should be aiming for seven hours of restful sleep a night. That is, seven hours of shut eye. Not seven hours from the time you get into bed until waking 😉



    - by Imtiaz

    The CFJ Spring Throwdown is an annual in-house competition open to athletes of all fitness levels from both CrossFit Jozi facilities. It’s an opportunity to express your fitness, experience a different side of CrossFit, and to get to know more of your fellow members.

    It will be a same-gender team event again. Teams are to be made up of two athletes of the same gender. Teams will have the option of entering a Scaled or RXd division, so regardless of experience and level of fitness, all athletes will be able to participate. You may pair up with, and are actually encouraged to pair up with a partner from the other facility.

    This year, the Throwdown will be part of our 7th birthday celebrations. Yes, CFJ HQ and the CFJ brand turn 7 years young this October! So it’s going to be a festive throwdown like nothing we’ve ever hosted before. Save the date!

    Registrations for the Throwdown will open soon.

  • WOD Blog | Workout of the day

    THURSDAY 26-10-2017

    - by Admin



    Day 1 – Class Time



    AMRAP 7:
    35 double unders
    9 KB goblet squat


    12 x 200m w/ 90 sec rest

    Day 2 – Own time

    5 x 800m w/ 2:30 rest



    “Give that guy a bell” – AMRAP 25 minutes:
    20 KB swings
    20 KB lunges
    400m run


    For time
    100 hollow rocks
    * 20 sec superman every min on the min
    12 min cap