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    FGB2012 Wrap Up

    - by Imtiaz

    Months of planning culminated in what felt like a whirlwind! Thank you once again to all athletes, spectators, sponsors and volunteers for their huge efforts in the lead up to, and during the day. It would not be an event without you. Once all has been calculated, you will receive an email informing you of how much we managed to raise. Despite the fun had on the day, one of the event’s primary organisers suffered a loss.

    Kim Sears was one of the primary event organisers. She was inspired to run the event because one of her closest friends, Jolene Crombie, has been battling breast cancer. She therefore wanted to help support others affected by the disease. Jolene unfortunately passed away during the FGB2012 prize giving. While you were fighting the WoD, she was fighting for life. We will also dedicate this year’s event to Jolene. May she rest peacefully.

    The scores are below. You will notice a change on the men’s RXd podium finishers. A miscalculation occurred on Saturday in all the hype. We apologise for this. Paul Christoforou remains on the podium, Rick Smith moves on to the podium after having lost one of his lungs on the field, and Hannes du Toit placed 4th. Get in touch regarding your vouchers gents, and apologies again.

    Lastly, we do have a few of the event shirts left. Give me a day or two to sort through them and then you can get in touch to purchase. There are also the event lanyards available at R15 a piece. So get in touch!

    Keep an eye on this blog for the event photos!

    Thank you all again – running an event like this is no easy task, but I’ll do it over and over for the awesome community that we have.


    FGB2012 Scores

    Scaled Women
    Rafaela Marques 273
    Amy McHarg 243
    Lisa van der Linde 234
    tarryn wright 233
    Ilse Louw 223
    Emma MacWilliam 222
    Sam heymans 216
    Marlè Scholtz 211
    Melanie Molton 211
    Chineldi Pienaar 204
    Andy Klee 201
    Gail Mathewson 195
    Caileigh Dade 195
    Lee-Ann Theron 194
    Paola Masullo 181
    Jeanne Bekker 169

    Scaled Men
    Wouter Minnaar 245
    Janovin Scholtz 238
    Thabani Mashego 230
    Sean Holmes 223
    justin wright 220
    Dwayne Russell 217
    Brink Booysen 209
    Tewie Gouws 205
    Craig Ohlson 204
    Emil Bekker 202
    Stratos Konstas 191
    Denny Da silva 189
    Greg Woolfson 188
    Marthinus Van Rensburg 185
    Schutte Venter 152
    Toli Kanaris 146

    RXd Women
    Susan Claassen 263
    Veneza Callegaro 248
    Cindy Ellis 246
    Chantal Van der Merwe 240
    Anneke de Beer 228
    Tia McDougall 227
    Nadia Roos 222
    Laura Newman 218
    Kelly Geyer 211
    Ondine Schultz 210
    Clare Colbeck 210
    Bronwyn Filippa 209
    Jenna Otto 206
    Nicole Scott 204
    Charmain du Preez 201
    Debbie Neumann 199
    Stafani Van Der Walt 195
    Michelle Rawlinson 191
    Karlen Klopper 190
    Kate-lyn Boshoff 188
    Tanielle Mandy 179

    RXd Men
    Danie du Preez 323
    Richard Smith 316
    Paul Christoforou 315
    hannes du Toit 303
    David Ayres 298
    Louis Achadinha 296
    Kyle Howard 293
    Cameron Mitchell 289
    Ivan Kruger 285
    Bonga Ntshingila 280
    chad theron 279
    Zak Ntlanga 278
    Francois Van der Merwe 276
    Wesley Tucker 275
    Nicholas Bordalo 273
    dwayne hurn 273
    Wynand Appel 273
    Brad Wolff 269
    Tylan Croukamp 261
    Brad Strydom 261
    Ryno Becker 252
    Kyle Delarey 251
    Neil Sears 250
    Dwight Egelhof 248
    Andrew Hermanson 248
    Charl Liversage 248
    Ruaan Smith 248
    Paris Philippou 247
    Keith Freimond 245
    Gareth David 244
    Andre Gadney 244
    Merrick Bengis 242
    Nick Gindre 239
    Ludwig Viljoen 234
    Craig Du Bruyn 233
    Ciaran Wheeler 231
    Cobus McCabe 226
    Boris Kramer 224
    Albert van Zyl 223
    daniel fine 223
    Gareth Wellard 221
    Andreas Dett 217
    Kyle Hutchinson 215
    Jean Du Plessis 214
    Jarod Brown 214
    Albert Burger 214
    Warren du Plessis 213
    Craig Dale 211
    Dante Zorzi 211
    Carl Alfonso 209
    Riaan Hofmeyr 208
    Jason Janse van Vuuren 208
    Quintin van Jaarsveldt 206
    Basil Aronis 206
    jonathan grottis 205
    Jannus Du Preez 205
    Claudio Jardim 203
    Donavan Lehnert 202
    Anthony Swanepoel 201
    Ricky Roebuck 199
    Stephan Claassen 197
    Sicelo Nxumalo 196
    Joshua Brown 196
    Nico du Plessis 191
    Jarrid Treges 191
    Michael Barnard 186
    chris bolton 186
    Edmund Chu 185
    Jerry Luis 184
    Mario Du Plessis 184
    Sihle Ngubane 181
    Garreth Grottis 179
    Delon Smith 178
    Alexi Planets 177
    Travis Kruger 175
    Nildo Braganca 161
    Karl Heuer 159
    Timothy Sparg 151
    Clint Hawtrey 151
    Marc Tasker 145

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    September Athletes of the Month

    - by Imtiaz

    It’s getting more and more difficult to give recognition to just one athlete every month. As our class schedule grows along with the membership numbers, we have groups of people training at particular times and often only under one of our coaches. In each of those groups there are often a couple of athletes who really stand out from the rest. Last month however, there were many! So for September, we don’t have one athlete of the month. Instead, I’ll mention a few and why they are deserving of Athlete of the Month.

    Rafaela Marques and Amy McHarg joined up at the same time in April this year. They’ve thrown themselves at everything and are already performing much better than many of the ladies (and men) that have been training here for much longer. Rafs clean is a thing of beauty, and Amz has an overhead squat to boot! They both however have a tendency to hold back a bit – so I’m sure you’ll all assist the coaches in helping them not to 🙂

    If you don’t know the biggest family at the gym now, well, you clearly aren’t training much. If you do know them, then you’ll agree that the Grottis brothers are a great part of the community. They all have a raw natural athletic talent, but combine that talent with hard and smart work in an effort to always better themselves. They’re also always there to cheer you on when they’re done – coz more often than not, they’re done before you!

    Taryn Janse van Rensburg has only been with us since May, but I consider her to be one of the senior CFJ members because she is a role model. She always spends a bit of time working on a weakness after class – something EVERYONE should be doing. And when she’s not training, she’s motivating! Look out for her going forward because she is turning into a machine!

    I took Jason Savvas through a private On-Ramp during winter. He was unable to perform an air squat without trembling uncontrollably due to poor conditioning. What he did come with though was a blank canvas and awesome mobility. All you need to do is watch him move, and you may begin to understand why movement proficiency is imperative to improving your fitness. You gotta love his big smile too 😀

    Lastly, I’d like to recognise Denzyl Cain. Denzyl’s progress has been astounding. He had already gone through some amazing change before joining us, but has since really shown what can be done by eating clean and following our training guidelines. Denzyl also really reflects the true CrossFit spirit of camaraderie and community. Denzyl will unfortunately be leaving us at the end of this month. His family are immigrating to Switzerland. Your presence will be dearly missed mate. Kia kaha.

    I don’t see this title getting any easier to award, but I’ll endeavour to recognise all the leading athletes every month!