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We’re not cheerleaders. Our approach to fitness about much more than movement. We’re passionate about empowering you with the tools, knowledge and experience to achieve your health and fitness goals, through group and personal training and our life changing, tried and tested lifestyle challenges and individually tailored nutrition programs. Meet with one of our coaches to discuss your lifestyle goals, we’re looking forwarding helping make positive, lasting change.


We believe that everyone has the same needs, regardless of age. The CrossFit Jozi Masters program is all about improving your long-term health and having fun in a supportive community.


The CFJ Endurance Club meets weekly. The program focuses specifically on developing running, rowing and skipping technique, and developing overall aerobic capacity.


The CFJ Barbell Club meets weekly and offers specific training for the barbell sport, Olympic Weightlifting. This includes the movements the snatch, clean, and jerk, and relevant supplementary movements.


The CFJ Gymnastics Club offers specific training for the gymnastics movements essential to CrossFit. This program focuses on improving your competency in the most common gymnastics areas.

CrossFit Kids

Where being fit and healthy is fun! The idea behind CrossFit kids is simple: make fitness fun for kids and they’ll develop a lifelong love of it. CrossFit Kids incorporates the principles and basic movements we find in CrossFit, but scales them to suit the developmental needs of kids. In addition, it places extra focus on movements that increase bone density and the development of the vestibular (balance) system.


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