CFJ Ambassador Program

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The CFJ facilities have an established reputation of providing a fun yet structured training environment. We do however recognise that due to the demands of running the facilities, the coaches and staff often struggle to keep instilling the cultures of fun and community. This is where the CFJ Ambassadors will step in.

CFJ Ambassadors will be a key part of maintaining and growing the positive culture of CrossFit HQ and East by serving as a liaison on behalf of the athletes.

The Ambassadors will comprise a small number of members of CFJ HQ and East that have been invited to participate for at least one year.  The invitation is based on their commitment to this program and seeing the continued positive growth of our small communities. The stronger the culture in a facility, the more positive the training environment for all!

Minimum Requirements for Ambassadors

  • At least six months as a CFJ member with consistent attendance of no less than 3 times a week at their home facility.
  • Commitment to both a one year membership and ambassadorship.
  • Has already shown a positive impact on the community of their own accord.
  • Is aligned with the facility’s values.
  • Willingness to be available via phone, email, or in person.
  • Would like to, and has a passion to, help new members become more easily integrated into the CFJ communities.
  • Displays a keen willingness to coordinate and manage community events, seminars/workshops and open days.
    • Includes the annual IntraOpen, and Autumn and Spring Throwdowns

Expectations of Athlete Ambassadors

  • Meet 4 times during the year (once per quarter) as an advisory board for CrossFit Jozi HQ or East to discuss to give quality constructive feedback.
  • Coordinate and manage community events, seminars/workshops and open days.
    • Includes the annual IntraOpen, and Autumn and Spring Throwdowns
  • Spends a bit of time before, during and after classes to welcome new members to the community and lead them through their first classes.
  • Attempts to attend one class a month out of their regular times.
  • Give constructive feedback to the owners of CFJ HQ and East on issues that affect community culture.
  • Assists the Client Services Manager with new gear (apparel) development and orders.
  • Other assignments based on the strengths and desires of the ambassador.

Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Upgraded membership for duration of ambassadorship (Unlimited ) and one personal training session per month
  • CFJ apparel
  • Ambassador profile on website
  • Assist in the design of apparel for sale
  • Product testers (supplements, equipment, program designs, etc…)
  • Assist in guiding the direction of growth at CFJ facilities