Tia McDougall

Tia McDougall

Coach and CrossFit Kids Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1 
  • CrossFit Kids
  • SFG Level 1 Instructor

When Tia first tried CrossFit in 2009 she was simply looking for a fun way to get fit and lose weight. What she found didn’t just change her health and fitness, it changed her life. As her physical wellbeing improved so did her confidence and self-image, leading to a sense of strength and wellness in every other area of her life. So fast and furious were the changes wrought by CrossFit that within months she was in the USA representing Africa in the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Tia fervently believes that there isn’t a single person who couldn’t benefit from CrossFit! Her philosophy is that when you change the way your body looks and feels then you also change the way you look at yourself and feel about yourself. Suddenly you realise that your body is capable of so much more than you ever dreamed it was. That’s empowering! And it’s a process she feels privileged to be a part of.

She is also our CrossFit Kids coach and is especially passionate about helping children build the strong, healthy bodies they need to become the magical little people they deserve to be.