Marcus Swanepoel

Marcus Swanepoel



  • CrossFit Level 1

Marcus’ love affair with CrossFit started back in 2011 after watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN. While watching those athletes doing some cool workouts his thoughts were “This stuff looks crazy… Where do I sign up?”. Marcus has always been a sportsman throughout his years and played competitive club cricket until CrossFit stole his heart in 2012.

Marcus enjoys the challenges that CrossFit holds as you need to be well rounded to succeed. He joined the Coaches development programme in 2013 and takes pleasure in being able to assist others reach their athletic potential. “Yes, it’s a physical sport, but it’s also a huge mental game”.

Marcus is always seen training or coaching in long socks and compression gear, “Gotta be prepared for the unexpected”. Loves his hip-hop music and has also been known to bust out some dance moves mid class!