07-12-2015 Imtiaz

In everything we do, we will always fail beyond the realms of our experience. What we have experienced, we are relatively comfortable with. Therefore, we will also always fail at the margins of our comfort zone.

This is most true with fitness, and it is the foundation for a lot of what we do. We will always be challenging your comfort zones, and we will always keep mixing it up.

Something we often mix up is the time the workout of the day (WOD) gets published. It sometimes comes up early in the morning, late morning, in the evening, all over. The timing of the post has nothing to do with the difficulty or type of the workout. It has everything to do with keeping you guessing, and a lot do with experimentation. For a long time we were posting the workouts mid to late morning, and then we changed it up last week to only publish in the evening during the last class of the day.

As expected, many didn’t turn up because they assumed it was going to be a challenging workout. Others called in to find out what the workout was, and others got in touch via our live chat to ask about the WOD – unsuccessfully, of course! Like Simba, who’s pictured above today. He called in to find out if the workout wasn’t posted because there were sled pushes programmed…hahaha!

We know that many of you will still find out about the workout through your mates who’ve trained in the morning, but it’s a timely reminder for you all to turn up, regardless of the workout. You’re only going to get fitter by taking on the workouts and movements you dislike head on. And you’re only going to be able to hide for so long before you either come up against something you’ve been avoiding, or before you start becoming unfit. I also care little for how much you ‘like’ a workout or when you ‘like’ for the workout to be posted, all I’m concerned with is making you healthier and fitter and that involves exposing you to as much as possible and often with as little notice as possible.

Even if you are dealing with an injury or niggle, we will scale around that to ensure that you still get a safe but effective workout.

So what we’re doing in the WOD should have little bearing on your attendance. Approach it like the morning crews have been for months – turn up without knowing and just get it done. You’ll leave feeling accomplished and you’ll be that 1% better than the day before.

Quit worrying about what the work is. Turn up and get the work done!


The goals for the barbell conditioning piece today are to develop positions in the clean and thruster, and to develop your phosphagen energy system – the fastest energy system. The metcon is programmed for aerobic (endurance) conditioning, but should feel like a high powered workout as opposed to a long, slow pace.


A. Barbell Conditioning
1 power clean + 2 thruster
Every 90 secs x 6 rounds

B. 5 rounds for time of:
5 thrusters (40/20kg)
10 TTB or knee tucks


A. Barbell Conditioning
3 every 90 secs x 6 rounds

B. 5 rounds for time of:
5 clusters (65/45kg)
10 TTB


  1. Simba 3 years ago

    Haha, good one .

    • Author
      Imtiaz 3 years ago

      Hehe….we know you’ll turn up regardless, Simba, and you know we love ya!

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