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Our experienced coaching team has been changing lives since 2010. We have over 12 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

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Whether you’re a beginner and “unfit” or a competitive athlete, we have the team and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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We teach movement. Safety, effectiveness and efficacy are at the heart of what we do!

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We don’t just offer group CrossFit classes. We offer personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. All designed to help you reach your goals.


  • Giancarlo CarrozzoMember since November 2012
    My life has turned around since joining CrossFit Jozi! I am NEVER sick, I am hardly ever tired, always happy and always HUNGRY! My body composition has changed dramatically. But the biggest thing for me is the mental fortitude and rigidity that CrossFit has helped me build within myself. I know that it doesn’t matter how terrible my day was, the workout will always kick my ass harder, and once you finish that last rep, there is simply nothing that can replace that feeling of accomplishment.
  • Jason RudolphMember since mid 2012
    I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in early 2012 and was told I needed a hip replacement. On my way back from the orthopaedic surgeon, Dave Levey was talking to DJ Fresh on 5FM about CrossFit and the CrossFit Games. I Googled it, found this place on the East Rand called CrossFit Jozi, spoke to Imtiaz, explained my situation and hey, the rest is history!
  • Jane MackinnonMember since August 2012
    Luckily I’ve always been fairly fit (for what?!) and healthy so no huge before and after story. But my improved upper body strength is great – no problem with grocery bags or holiday suitcases. And a biggie for me – last year I ran my fastest half marathon IN 30 YEARS!!! Sub-2 hours whoop whoop! And that’s with more CrossFit and less running! (Sounds slow but I’m past my prime haha).
  • Dylan CorreiaMember since August 2016
    In August 2016 I took the plunge, went for the interview, was really amazed at the professionalism and quality of educated staff - I felt welcome immediately. I started with the 1 month intro classes with the amazing, caring and passionate Tia McDougall. The belief that she instilled in me laid the foundation that still drives me every class. I currently do Mondays and Wednesday 18:30 classes with the power couple coaches Lynda and Cobus McCabe. They keep it fun and challenging and constantly push me to be the best I can be but still keeping me in the best text book form that CrossFit Jozi standards expect. I also finish the week with the cardio killer Zak in the G.I. Jozi class on Thursdays - always something exciting to look forward to.
  • Jessica SchultzPast member
    Your coaches are on another level - the way you go through movements every single class to refresh and perfect our lifts is something that really made me feel safe and confident during each class. The fact that you had two coaches each session made me feel I got the attention I needed. I want to commended CrossFit Jozi as being an anomaly that goes above and beyond even the best CrossFit boxes in the world!!
  • Leander van TonderMember since August 2014
    The obvious changes to my body definitely included an increase in muscle mass together with a decrease in body fat. The not-so-obvious changes (and the more important changes) were decreases in my blood pressure, stress levels and blood sugar levels.
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