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We’re a community committed to helping you improve your health and fitness



We have a world of experience

 Our Head Coach has an in-depth knowledge of the human body and over 12 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, and we’ve been changing lives since 2010.

Our program is for everyone

We program for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels and all ages. Whether you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, improve your sports specific performance or compete in CrossFit, we’ve got you covered!

We have a culture of safety

Safety, effectiveness and efficacy are the most important factors of our program. We include a physiotherapy assessment in your GroundWork program, and our Head Coach has a Masters in Exercise Rehab.

We are your 1-stop-fitness-shop

We don’t just offer CrossFit classes, but have an array of added services and programs that exist to help you reach your goals. Our speciality is health and performance.


  • Every challenge I have had I have pushed through, my brain works overtime while at the box too, its physically and mentally challenging. To sum it up, CrossFit is great!! Not only is it good for you, but to feel and see a change in your body means so much more! Taryn-Ann Barker
    Taryn-Ann BarkerPast member
  • Your coaches are on another level - the way you go through movements every single class to refresh and perfect our lifts is something that really made me feel safe and confident during each class. The fact that you had two coaches each session made me feel I got the attention I needed. I want to commended CrossFit Jozi as being an anomaly that goes above and beyond even the best CrossFit boxes in the world!!
    Jessica SchultzPast member
  • CFJ is so much more than a gym. You have managed to create an environment where people not only have fun, but build lasting and valuable friendships, and over and above the fact that the workouts are awesome, the box is awesome. You have managed to create an environment where standards are strict, the coaching is amazing and people still have fun.
    Taryn Janse van RensburgMember since 2012
  • I don't know most of the people at CFJ, but whenever I go I feel like the hour spent there was with a family of like minded individuals who are respectful, energetic and helpful. The coaches are seriously good at what they do! Imtiaz is creating creative, ever changing workouts that never leave me bored - the reason I joined CrossFit in the first place.
    Johann OdendaalMember since June 2013
  • CrossFit allows me to dream bigger. It allows me endless opportunities as I don’t need to limit my career choices to something that ‘a girl can do’. The program at Crossfit Jozi works! I am proof that someone who has never done anything physical (my nose was always in my books) can be transformed in 9 short months. It feels fantastic – thank you CrossFit Jozi!
    Marlize SwartMember since September 2013
  • CrossFit has done an immense amount of good in my life and has changed it for the better. I know I would be a very different person if it wasn’t for CrossFit Jozi and its staff, and I am extremely grateful for all they have done for me.
    Matthew MacFarlaneMember since March 2013

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course

15-16 July

The next CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course in Johannesburg for 2017 has been scheduled at CrossFit Jozi East in Benoni, JHB. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Follow the link below to register today. Spots are limited!

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course

19-20 August

The first ever CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course in Johannesburg has been scheduled at CrossFit Jozi East in Benoni, JHB. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Follow the link below to register today. Spots are limited!